I love yoga

Here, I find peace

Close your eyes and I see myself

In silence you can hear the subtle whisper of my intuition

Feel the sensations in your fingertips as I touch the yoga mat

I become stillness, you become present

Recognize your centre

Find me



As a full time flight attendant I’m always searching for a way to stay grounded in my life. Yoga brought peace to my mind and awareness to my body. It has improved every aspect of my life and I would like to share these benefits with anyone eager to embark on this journey.

In 2005 I started my regular practice with guided videos by Wai Lana, a Hawaiian yoga teacher. Later, in a studio environment, I began practicing hot Bikram style yoga. I transitioned to power vinyasa flow and later yin yoga. Eventually came mediation. As my body slowed down, so did my mind.

I discovered that there are many forms of meditation and my goal was to find the one that best suited my personality. I explored it through art, music, and spending time in nature. I continue to find a mind-body connection through activities such as motorbiking, rock climbing, rollerblading, snowboarding, acro-yoga and I am constantly improving my breathing technique in scuba diving.

I learned the power of consistent yoga practice at a yoga retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica; I embraced self care in Bali, Indonesia; I studied loving touch of Thai massage in Thailand; energy work through Reiki in Vancouver. I am always eager to learn and grow. With the influence of highly inspirational teachers who bring positivity and fun into yoga practice I found my passion in teaching yoga.



Training and education

  • 200 hour foundations teacher training with Rachel Scott at Yyoga Richmond 2011
  • 80 hour hot yoga teacher training with Kristin Campbell at Yyoga Richmond 2012
  • Mentorship program with Mike Nichols at Yyoga Richmond 2012
  • 50 hour yin yoga training with Bernie Clark at Semperviva Yoga 2013
  • 43 hour vinyasa with Tina James at Semperviva Yoga 2014
  • 9 hour breathing workshop with Max Strom of Semperviva Yoga 2014
  • 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Merritt BC 2014
  • 40 hour restorative yoga course with Tianne Allen of Semperviva Yoga 2016
  • 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Merritt BC 2017
  • 15 hour cosmos and consciousness with Cameron Gilley of Semperviva Yoga 2017
  • 30 hour Ayurveda with Nathalie Keiller of Semperviva Yoga 2017
  • 40 hour Mediation revealed with Nathalie Keiller and Bernie Clark of Semperviva yoga 2017

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